Remember that you learnt the number in units: Básico 1 Unit 1A - numbers 0-20; and Básico 1 Unit 1B - numbers 21-100

- there is no s on million or thousand, e.g. two million, two thousand.
- the used of and between hundreds and tens, e.g. two hundred and twenty.


Quiz shows in Spain:

50 x 15 - ¿Quién quiere ser millonario?

Cifras y letras

La ruleta de la fortuna


Saber y ganar

Quiz Night


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The spelling rules for big, hot, etc. are the same as for verbs ending in -ing, e-g- big, bigger.
Don't use that when making a comparative, say than.

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Comparatives (activities online): Adjective Detective

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Read and do the activity:
John is taller than Peter. / Liz's hair is shorter than Jane's hair. / Matt is smaller than Tim. / Jeremy is noisier than Curt. / Mary is fatter than Sarah. / Mike is older than Sam.

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/ə/ Este sonido se llama schua y es el sonido más común en inglés. Suele producirse antes y después de sílabas acentuadas. La última sílaba -er siempre se pronuncia /ə/, e.g. computer /kəmˈpjuːtə(r)/. You learnt this sound in Básico 1 Unit 1B - short vowel sounds


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Pat Guibson - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Pat Guibson - Mastermind

Changing places (text taken from: http://englishcomparative.wordpress.com/)
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Joanna is an artist from San Francisco who moved to London in 1988. We asked her to compare life in San Francisco and London. Here’s what she told us.
San Francisco is a lovely city in a beautiful bay. It’s got lots of great buildings and places. It’s smaller and much more modern than London, but it’s less interesting. London has a lot more theatres and museums. The Americans are usually more interested in money than culture! The architecture in London is incredible and very stimulating, and the parks and markets are wonderful. London isn’t as dangerous as San Francisco, and it’s less violent. I feel much safer living here – nobody carries a gun, not even the police!
People have a higher standard of living in the States because generally, it’s much less expensive than England. For example, petrol is less than half the price and things like food, clothes, and cameras are much cheaper.
The food
Food in the States is generally much better. It’s fresher, cheaper, and there’s much more choice. Restaurants aren’t as expensive as in London and the service is much better. In some restaurants they put a clock on the table when you arrive, and if they haven’t served your meal in five minutes, they’ll give you the food free! I’m usually disappointed when I eat out in London, although the Indian restaurants are excellent.

Joke of the day - Comparatives
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Do the quiz:

Do the quiz: