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Their wedding day:
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was / were

Present Simple

Past Simple (to talk about completed actions in the past)
I am

I was
I wasn't
Was I ...?
Yes, I was.
No, I wasn't
You are

You were
You weren't
Were you ...?
Yes, you were.
No, you weren't.
He is

He was
He wasn't
Was he ...?
Yes, he was.
No, he wasn't
She is

She was
She wasn't
Was she ...?
Yes, she was.
No, she wasn't
It is

It was
It wasn't
Was it ...?
Yes, it was.
No, it wasn't
We are

We were
We weren't
Were we ...?
Yes, we were.
No, we weren't.
You are

You were
You weren't
Were you ...?
Yes, you were.
No, you weren't.
They are

They were
They weren't
Were they ...?
Yes, they were.
No, they weren't.

was / were is used to talk about recent and distant completed actions in the past, e.g. I was sad this morning; Caesar was a Roman Emperor.

"was born / were born":
We use the passive construction was born to talk about the time and place of our birth, e.g. I was born in 1995.

Future prediction (will be born):
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Do the quiz:

Do the quiz:


was / were have two different pronunciations depending on whether they are stressed or not.

weak pronunciation:
was /wəz/
were /wə/
+ sentences: I was /wəz/ born in 1990. / They were /wə/ famous.

wh questions: When was /wəz/ he born? / Where were /wə/ they yesterday?
strong pronunciation:
was /wɒz/, wasn't /wɒznt/
were /wɜ:/ , weren't /wɜ:nt/
- sentences: I wasn't /wɒznt/ at home yesterday. / They weren't /wɜ:nt/ late this morning.

+ and - short answers: Yes, I was /wɒs/. / No, I wasn't /wɒznt/. / Yes, we were /wɜ:/. / No, we weren't /wɜ:nt/.

questions starting with was/were: Was /wɒs/ he late yesterday?; Were /wɜ:/ they with you yesterday?


We stress certain words more than others in a sentence. These are the words that carry the "message" of the sentence and are usually, nouns, main verbs, adjectives / adverbs, and end position prepositions.
Small words like pronouns, articles, and prepositions (not in the end position) are not normally stressed.
It is this mixture of stressed and unstressed words that gives English its rhythm.

Remember the prepositions of place you learnt in Unit 4B - Prepositions of Place:




Countries and cities:
Spain, Madrid

the kitchen, the bathroom, a room, an office

a shop, a museum

Closed spaces:
a park, a garden

a car
a bike, a bus, a train, a plane, a ship
(not car)

a surface:
the floor, a table, a shelf, the balcony,
the roof, the wall, on TV

the airport, the station, a bus stop,
a party, the door
He goes to the gym.
(He goes to home.)
I was in a restaurant last night.(public places)

I was at a restaurant last night. (public places)


The Wives of Henry VIII

I am King Henry (song)

The Brontë sisters (The Death of Emily Brontë)

Jane Eyre book summary:
Jane Eyre is an orphaned girl living with her aunt Mrs. Reed at Gateshead Hall. Mrs. Reed and her children treat Jane cruelly, and look down on her as a dependent. Punishing her for a fight with her cousin that she didn't start, Mrs. Reed locks her in a red room where Jane's uncle, Mr. Reed, had died years before. His ghostly presence terrifies Jane. Soon after, Mrs. Reed sends Jane to the Lowood Institution, a charity school run by the hypocritical Mr. Brocklehurst. Lowood has terrible conditions, though the compassionate supervisor, Maria Temple, intervenes sometimes to give the girls a break. At Lowood, Jane makes friends with another student, Helen Burns, who helps Jane learn to survive personal injustice and believe in a benevolent God. Helen, however, is sick with consumption and dies. When a typhus epidemic decreases the school's student population, new management takes over and improves Lowood's conditions. Jane flourishes under her newly considerate teachers, and after six years, becomes a teacher herself.
Ms. Temple marries and leaves Lowood, and the eighteen-year-old Jane advertises for a job as a private tutor. She is hired to become the governess of the young Adèle Varens. Adèle is the ward of Mr. Rochester—the older and commanding master of Thornfield Hall. While in residence at Thornfield, Jane frequently hears strange laughter, and one night rescues Mr. Rochester from a fire in his bedroom. On another occasion, Jane helps Mr. Rochester secretly bandage and send away a man named Mr. Mason who was bitten on the third floor of the Mansion. Rochester blames a one of his servants, Grace Poole, but Jane is skeptical.
Mr. Rochester brings a party of English aristocrats to Thornfield, including the beautiful but calculating Blanche Ingram. She aims to marry him, but Mr. Rochester turns Blanche away. Mr. Rochester soon asks Jane to marry him. Jane, who has gradually fallen in love with Rochester, accepts. Rochester quickly prepares the wedding. But during the small ceremony, a London lawyer intervenes and declares that Mr. Rochester already has a wife—Bertha Mason from the West Indies. Her brother, Mr. Mason, appears to confirm this. Mr. Rochester admits it and takes everyone to the third floor, where Bertha is revealed as a lunatic, looked after by Grace Poole. Rochester was tricked into the marriage and he appeals to Jane to come away with him anyway, but Jane refuses to be his mistress. Jane sneaks away from Thornfield at dawn.
Penniless in a region of England she does not know, Jane experiences three bitter days of begging, sleeping outside, and nearly starving. Eventually she comes upon and is taken in at Moor House—the home of Mary, Diana, and St. John Rivers, a local clergyman. St. John gives Jane a position teaching in a rural school. Jane discovers that an uncle she's never met has died and left her 20,000 pounds. That uncle turns out to be related to the Rivers siblings, so Jane suddenly has cousins. In her joy at finding family, she divides her fortune equally between them.
St. John has plans to go to India as a missionary, and he proposes marriage to Jane so she'll accompany and work for him. Jane feels familial affection but no love for St. John. She says she would go as St. John's sister, but he will accept no conditions. St. John's forceful personality almost convinces Jane to sacrifice herself and marry him. But in her confused emotional state, Jane experiences a telepathic flash: she hears Rochester's voice calling her. She immediately leaves to seek out Rochester.
Jane finds Thornfield Hall destroyed from a fire that Bertha had set in Jane's old bedroom. During the blaze, Bertha had jumped from the roof and died. Rochester saved his servants, but suffered injuries that left him blind and missing a hand. Jane meets the humbled Rochester at Ferndean, his woodland retreat, and promises always to take care of him. They marry, bring back Adèle from boarding school, and have a son. Rochester eventually regains sight in one eye.

Charlotte Brontë
Charlotte Bronte.jpg

Charlotte's plays:
· Jane Eyre (1847)
· Villette (1853)

Emily Brontë
Emily Bronte.jpg

Emily's plays:
· Cumbres Borrascosas (1847)

Anne Brontë

Anne's plays:
· Agnes Grey (1847)
· La inquilina de Wildfell Hall (1848)

Helena Bohham Carter

A Room with a View

Alice in Wornderland

Harry Potter

The King's Speech

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter
Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter.jpg




-er / -or + a verb
-ian / -ist / -man/woman + a noun
policeman / policewoman
Sometimes you have to make more changes: science / scientist


Guess who these people are:

1. It's a woman.
She was born in 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados. She sings R&B, pop, dance, hip hop and reggae music. She is a singer, songwriter and actress.
In 2005 she started performing. Her first famous single was Umbrella. She had a relationship with Chris Brown and Jay-Z. Who is she?

2. It's a man.
He was born in 1985 in Madeira, Portugal. He is a football player. He played in Sporting Club, Manchester United and Real Madrid. He is paid 12 million Euros per year. In 2007 he was named Footballer of the Year. He holds record for most goals scored in a season. Who is he?

3. It's a man.
He was born in 1986 in London, England. He is an actor, model, musician and film producer. He began modeling at the age of 12. In 2008 he became a moviestar with the Twilight Saga playing the role of a young man who is a vampire. In 2010 he won MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. Who is he?

4. It's a woman.
She was born in 1985 in the south of London. Her father was an actor. Her first role was at the age of 9. In 2003 she got international fame with Pirates of the Caribbean. She was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 6. In 2006 she appeared in the cover of Vanity Fair. Who is she?

5. It's a woman.
She was born in 1974 in Essex, England. She is a singer, fashion designer and businesswoman. In 1994 she joined the all-female group, Spice Girls. Her first single was Wannabe. She married David Beckham in 1999, they have 4 children. She designed a line of jeans and released two best-selling books. Who is she?

6. It's a man.
He is a very important person. He is the president of a great nation. He is married and he has got two lovely daughters. He lives in the White House, in Washington DC. Who is he?

7. It's a man.
He is a famous actor in the USA. He plays a role of an important doctor who always discovers people's illnesses, called doctor House. Right now I live in the USA but I'm from the UK. Who is he?

Answers: 1. Rihana; 2. Cristiano Ronaldo; 3. Robert Pattinson; 4. Keira Knightley; 5. Victoria Beckham; 6. Barak Obama; 7. Hugh Laurie; 8.