In the city:


the baker's
la panadería
The bread at that baker's is vey good.
the bar
el bar

the bank
el banco

the bookshop
la librería
I'm going to the bookshop to buy that new book.
the bus stop
la parada de autobús

the butcher's
la carnicería
He want's to buy chicken at the butcher's.
the cinema
el cine

the chemist's
la farmacia

the city center
el centro de la ciudad

the clothes shop
la tienda de ropa
The clothes shop is closed.
the disco
la discoteca

the fishmonger's
la pescadería
You can buy fish at the fishmonger's.
the greengrocer's
el puesto de verdura, la frutería
She is going to the greengrocer's to buy bananas.
the hairdresser's
la peluquería
I have my hair cut at the hairdresser's.
the hospital
el hospital

the market
el mercado
I go to the market on the high street every Saturday.
the museum
el museo

the neighbourhood
el barrio

the news stand
el quiosco
They always buy their magazines at the news stand.
the outskirts
las afueras

the post office
la oficina de correos

the restaurant
el restaurante

the school
la escuela

the shop
la tienda
The shop opens at 10.00 a.m.
the shopping center
el centro comercial
The shopping certre is very big.
the stationer's
la papelería
I buy pencils at the stationer's.
the supermarket
el supermercado
You can do your shopping at the supermarket.
the tobacconist's
el estanco
You can buy a bus card at the tobacconist's.
the theatre
el teatro

the train station
la estación de tren

the underground station
la estación de metro

the university
la universidad

the village
el pueblo

Where's the post office, please?
The post office is on the left.

at the end of
al final de

at the start of
al principio de
The chemist's is at the start of High Street.
detrás de


in front of
delante de

Turn left at the next street.


over there


the corner
la esquina

the pavement
la acera

to be located
estar situado
The hospital is located on the outskirts of the city.
to cross
Cross the street.
to get lost
We've got lost!
to go straight ahead
seguir recto
Go straight ahead.
to turn
Turn right at the next street.

Sample text:
I live in a big city with lots of history. There are many shops and supermarkets to buy anything you need. If you need entertainment you can go to bars, the cinema, restaurants or the theatre. I live close to the city center and the train station (about 15 minutes walking distance). The university where I studied at wasn't very far from my house. It's about 35 minutes walking distance. I was lucky for that.


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The spelling rules for big, hot, etc. are the same as for verbs ending in -ing, e-g- big, biggest; hot, hottest.
After superlatives, we use in the world, in the class, etc, NOT of.

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Comparatives and superlatives:
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Comparatives (activities online): Adjective Detective

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Do the quiz:


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