In the library you can take the book you like home, click here to see it: http://www.eoiceuta.com/biblioteca.html

Biblioteca EOI Ceuta.png

Here you have some suggestions in case you don´t know what type of books you can look for (these pictures are just samples of books that you may find in our library .....or not):

The Mummy Returns.JPG

Oliver Twist.jpeg

1 The phone rings.jpg

1 LA Detective.jpg
1 The Umbrella.jpg
1 Newspaper Boy.jpg
1 Little Women.jpg

2 Anne of Green Gables.jpg

2 Persuasion.jpg

2 Billy Elliot.jpeg
The Mark of Zorro.jpg

The Diary of a Young Girl.jpg

Madame Bovary.jpg
Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror.jpg
Room 13 and Other Ghost Stories.jpg
Lisa in London.jpeg

Four Weddings and a Funeral.jpeg

A History of Britain.jpeg